I am a Hamburg based queer latinx musician and artist with an invisible disability. I believe in radical softness and empathy, and I am looking for ways to reorganize an inner space of embodiment with everything I do. I research accessibility as a wider process of finding and creating fields of agency and empowerment.

My identity finds itself through reSearching the otherness of being, and by the inherent strength of vulnerability and honesty. Finding a form, means being in relation, though language, and the completion of a thought.

“Nirmala makes music tangible, shows vulnerability and at the same time offers enormous power, because her voice is so pure and clear. It just shows more than one dimension. Her extraordinary vocal color, and this mix of delicate vibration, emotion, softness and strength are simply gorgeous.”

– Johanna Mann (actress)

Nirmala Salom (* 1979 in Los Angeles, all or no pronouns) is a disabled queer artist, musician and activist living in Hamburg. Nirmala studied Fine Arts at the Braunschweig University of Fine Arts with video artist Prof. Candice Breitz, graduating in July, 2011. Nirmala has gained experience as a performance artist and singer and traveled to various festivals and venues including the `European Performance Art Festival’ in Warsaw Poland, [performance s p a c e] in London and the `Cita a Ciegas Performance Art Encounter’in Cuzco, Peru.

Nirmala is a member of the Sickness Affinity Group, an artist collective who work on the topic of collective care and accessibility.

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Email: info@nirmalasalom.com