The attic in the pastor’s house

An blurry attic with the unfocussed figure of a woman with long dark hair sitting on white sheets.

Stallarte 10 Kunstfestival Roringen/Göttingen

September 18th, 2010

Duration: 2 hours

On first entering the pastor’s house located in the small village of Roringen, Germany, I was most attracted to the attic which was filled with forgotten boxes and many stories. I knew this would be where I would like to sing. From there, the performance developed into an exploration of mystery, madness and ghostlike interventions. A small television was placed at the entrance of the exhibition, which broadcasted the image of a girl in a white nightdress in a dusty attic. Visitors of the exhibition walked through the space and began to hear a voice that sounded of sirens or lamented wails, and slowly began to connect the entrapped image on the television to the voice they were hearing through the walls.

Photos by Surya Tüchler