A sheet is layed on the ground and the hands of  someone are depicted as they sort small objects like rice, seeds and stones into different piles.

Kunst… hier und jetzt – Art Festival
Braunschweig, Germany
Date: Oct. 8-9 2011
Duration: 2 x 8 Hours

Rice, Seeds, Linseed, Cebada, Corn, Berries, Glass pieces, Small stones, Gravel, Animal Food, Lentils, Acorns

This performance was very therapeutic. The sorting out of individual seeds, rice, glass, berries and other fine material into different piles was a way to sort out thoughts, sensations and experiences in a simple and meditative way. Drawing on different fairy tales like Cinderella, Vasalisa and Cupid & Psyche, I set myself the task of sorting for 8 hours each day, talking and answering questions to the visitors who pass by. Visitors were also welcome to help out. For me the performance addresses the artistic process of extreme sensitivity and discernment. The meditative practice of sorting became a support in critical awareness, in which the artist is an agent charged with a task of filtering and directing complex or overpowering information.

Photos by Philipp Pollmann