Speech Attempt

Performance Duration: 15min

Photon3 Exhibition,B2 Sound Gallery Oct. 2008
Duration: 15 min.

I came into the room which was setup with a loudspeaker, a mixer, a laptop, a zoom harddisk recorder, and two microphones. One microphone was standing in the main action area, the other was pointed towards the audience. I started unraveling an electric cable drum until all the cable was unraveled. I then took the drum and taped it around my body. I started to wrap the cable around my body starting from my neck downwards. Afterwards I approached two members of the audience and wrapped the cable around each of them once. I plugged the cable into an electric source and then opened the laptop on the floor as well as turn on the harddisk sound recorder. I pressed play to start a video that was playing on the computer. The video portrayed me in another performance at the IPAH Festival in Hildesheim.

As the video plays, I picked up the loudspeakers and place it on my shoulder. I turned on the loudspeakers and the sound from the video was heard through the loudspeakers I was carrying on my shoulder. I listened to myself starting my performance and attempting to speak and say a specific word. My recorded voice keeps on repeating the sentence, ‘I am going to try to say…’. But I never am able to complete the sentence. My voice gets very intense and urgent. Slowly I started to resonate my voice. The sound of my voice was also mixed and sent to the loudspeaker I am carrying on my shoulder. While listening to my own voice I finally was able to sing a specific word. As soon as I finished the entire pronunciation of the word, the performance ended.